Andrea Glass owner of Brocante behind the front counter with industrial lighting in the back featuring french styled homewares in Napier

Treasure Trove

Brocante, which takes its name from a french word to describe pre-loved treasure, brings European style to Napier. It’s a passion that has grown into an obsession to deliver customers homewares with a distinctive French flabour. Step inside Brocante where it’ll be le coup de foudre (love at first sight).

Owner Andrea Glass says its a look and feel pulled together with a certain nonchalance but with enormous confidence. From the romantic window displays to the vibrant tableau inside, it’s a sanctuary from the hubbub of bustling inner-city Napier.

From humble beginnings Brocante first opened in 2000. Recently re-establishing itself in a large, bright shop a few blocks from the original store, this gorgeous store full of wonderful treasures has made a name for itself as stockists of fine wares for both home and living. It’s an eclectic blend of exclusive homewares, vintage design, body products, jewellery and scarves, Art Style clothing, body products and jewellery. In fact, Brocante is the place to go for all things French styled.

“In truth it is less a job and more of a passion – a way of life. I count myself fortunate to make a living from it” says Andrea, who is found most days assisting, customers, wrapping parcels, or tweaking her immaculate displays. With Andrea’s sister Cath Howell working alongside her, these sisters have a warmth and a dynamism that make every customer feel welcome. Both share a similar aesthetic and  their pleasure in working together is infectious, bringing a real joie de vive to the space.

Every corner hints at the kind of place we all want our homes to be, relaxed yet refined, chic but comfortable: a true homage to home. “This is the place to find those special pieces that show their age and are as beautiful as they are useful. It’s about combining the old with the new, the quirky finds with the indulgences, It’s all these things that come together to make our houses our homes” says Andrea.

But for Andrea it’s also about having things in your home that are easy to live with because living is what it’s all about. “The idea of something that has been owned before is that it’s more forgiving, its lived a life so it can take the knocks that a busy family deals out”.

Vintage-inspired furniture is a speciality with bold pieces that evoke family occasions. Brocante is also filled with the unexpected and utterly seductive treasures that can change your whole living environment.

Inspired by her trips to Europe, visiting France, Spain and Italy, it’s here that she gathers ideas to bring home to Brocante. For Andrea, with her remarkable eye and her distinctive flair, Brocante is the perfect outlet for her creativity. “Our passion is feeding people’s minds. We show you how things can look at your place, so you can be enthused to make your home something really special”.

For the rest of us, it’s a unique spot in Napier to find that special something. Whether it’s a gift for a friend or for your own home, to get the full experience it’s worth having your new treasure gift wrapped.


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  1. Congratulations Andrea looking fantastic Beth and John


  2. Very nice

    Victoria Cook

  3. Exciting and inspiring combinations of yummy stuff.

    Sally Thompson

  4. You ladies have done a wonderful job, I love your shop, everyone is so friendly and happy. Everything is beautifully displayed that it take hours to wander through so many things catch your eye but alas not everything can be purchased! ( not at once anyway 😉)

    Leanne Schuler

  5. Amazing website ! Look forward to more great things !! I don’t get to Napier very often but when I do I always pop into your shop ! Now I will be able to browse at my leisure , thank you

    Victoria cater

  6. Amazing website ! Look forward to more great things , I don’t get to Napier that often but when I do I always pop in. Now I’ll be able to browse at my leisure from home !! Thank you

    Victoria cater

  7. Absolutely stunning!


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